Real Estate

What constitutes real estate, which real estate rights are recognised and protected, and what type of security can be created over each one are not necessarily the same in each country. This product looks at each of these aspects in the local context, as well as the commercial aspects of real estate, including companies’ rights to transact in real estate transactions, real estate in asset and share deals, and commercial leases, among others.

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The following topics are covered in the Real Estate product for each country (click to expand):
Real Estate
  • 1General Overview
  • 2Ownership of Real Estate
  • 3Commercial Lease

Practical Q&A format

This product contains detailed and up-to-date local guidance, in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format, in relation to the acquisition, ownership and lease of commercial real estate in a particular African country. If you have a question that is not answered, we’ll source the response for you. Sample questions include:
Question - Afriwise
For each type of real estate right, what type of security can be created over it?
Question - Afriwise
What rights, rules and requirements apply to the different types of companies when entering into real estate transactions?
Question - Afriwise
Can the owner of a building be different to the owner of the land?
Question - Afriwise
Is it common to have two or more competing ownership titles?
Question - Afriwise
Is the information in the real estate registry reliable?
Question - Afriwise
Is there state guarantee of title?
Question - Afriwise
When can the state dispossess private owners of real estate?
Question - Afriwise
Are there any recurring taxes that real estate owners must pay?
Question - Afriwise
What is the procedure to sell and purchase real estate?
Question - Afriwise
Can a purchaser of real estate inherit liability for anything that occurred before purchase or occupation?
Question - Afriwise
Are parties to a commercial lease agreement free to agree on the rental amount and frequency of payments?
Question - Afriwise
Does the law set a minimum and/or maximum duration for leases?

Benefits of Real Estate

Whether you own real estate, rent offices or lease land in a particular African country, the Afriwise platform, and this product in particular, is a must. Afriwise is more powerful than any other solution as it provides accurate, up-to-date and plain-language guidance in relation to all your questions, is interactive, and also notifies you when there are legal updates you should be aware of.
Afriwise subscribers benefit from:
  • 24/7 access to our online platform
  • detailed practical guidance and insights on all aspects of this area of law
  • overviews of the applicable laws and upcoming changes, as well as alerts to important legal developments
  • downloadable copies of all relevant laws and regulations
  • direct access to vetted local real estate law experts
  • valuable tools such as a powerful search engine with relevant filters
  • country comparisons
  • a clarification-request tool
  • note-taking
  • ... and much more.
Gain full visibility across the local real estate law landscape.

Afriwise connects organisations to outstanding quality and up-to-date legal, risk and business information and local expertise for African countries. We give you deep understanding about African markets, online, and help you proactively comply with local regulations.

Our award-winning solution offers an innovative way to source key information about owning, selling, purchasing and leasing commercial real estate in a particular African country.

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