African law made simple

We combine local legal know-how with powerful technology to give organisations access to up-to-date legal information on African countries.
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Award-winning solution
Afriwise’s innovative solution has been internationally recognised for breaking new ground in the delivery of legal services in Africa.

Trusted by global leaders

Ruth Ward
Head Librarian

"Information on official websites is never guaranteed to be correct or recent. Access to primary legislation has proven essential to performant knowledge management."

Anastasia Posokhov
Former Legal Senior Manager

"Our biggest challenge is sourcing and aligning local counsel when doing work on multi-jurisdictional projects. Afriwise empowers us to provide this high-level advice timely and effectively."

Critical legal information

Find instant answers to critical legal, tax and business questions in Africa, online.

Find the right experts

Need legal assistance for a project or a transaction? Use our platform to find the right expert for your specific requirements.


Clearly structured information on a single, secure, accessible and user-friendly online platform.

Trustworthy and up to date

Authoritative information provided by the top legal minds in each country and kept up to date at any given time.


Plenty of useful tools such as a powerful search engine, comparisons across countries and products, legal-monitoring tools and automatic alerts in your inbox when legal changes take place. Organise all legal information with a personalised report builder. Revolutionise your legal procurement with the request fee quote tool.

Comprehensive and interactive

Not another “doing business” guide. Our knowledge-base includes answers to all your critical legal questions per country, covering key products and provides direct access to all related legislation, including Bills. If something is not clear or you have a question that is not covered, we’ll dig deeper for you and upload the answer.


Innovative, plain language answers that go beyond the law and take into account local practice and potential policy changes.


Interactive exchanges when you want to know more or have a new question to propose.

Detailed profiles of experts, selected from reputable firms in each country.

Experts who are verified and screened on sanctions, PEP and corruption.

Tools to shortlist and engage with the right experts for your business needs.

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