Our online platform (that’s right: no installation needed!) offers all the legal know-how, contacts and tools to help you move forward with confidence in Africa.

Legal know-how

Useful, practical answers to over 1500 FAQs per country across all key categories of law, structured in a consistent and intuitive manner, making it easy to find and compare information across countries.

Useful tools

  • Request clarifications
  • Bookmark favourites
  • Download what you need
  • Get legislation
  • Add notes

Find experts

Find the right local lawyer for your business needs

Compare profiles, add bookmarks and ask for an introduction



Experts are screened daily to make sure they are NOT on:

  • any global sanctions lists
  • over 4000 global watch and black lists
  • Dow Jones’ global database of PCP records

Detailed profiles

Find all the information you need about top experts and their practices.


Stay organised by keeping all your activities, bookmarked experts and knowledge, notes and searches in one place, accessible at any time on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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