Business Structures

Navigating the legal and compliance landscape when establishing and running a business can be challenging, and a failure to meet the requirements can lead to hefty fines and jail time. The Business Structures category covers the local intricacies involving in forming, running and dissolving a business and provides an in-depth overview of the various structures available to locals and foreigners, as well as their key features and typical issues.

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Topics covered

The following topics are covered in detail under the Business Structures category for each country (click to expand):
Legal framework
Trends and practice
Business Structures

Practical Q&A format

This category contains detailed and up-to-date local guidance, in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format, in relation to the establishment, maintenance, governance and closing of companies and other business structures. If you have a question that is not answered, we’ll source the response for you. Sample questions include:
What are the minimum share capital requirements for different types of companies?
What steps need to be followed to incorporate a company in the country?
What are the key composition requirements for the board of directors?
What are the quorum and majority requirements for different types of corporate decisions?
What is the prescription period for liability claims against directors?
What reporting by companies is required and what must be included in such reports?
Are unincorporated joint ventures common? If so, can they be registered and do any specific laws apply?
Can a foreign company conduct business directly? If so, are there any registration requirements or good reasons to register?
Are there any specific rules that regulate the governance of associations?

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