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What is Afriwise?

Who is Afriwise for?

How can I find out if you cover a particular country?

Does your information constitute legal advice?

How do I get access to your information?

Can I use Afriwise on my mobile and tablet?

Do I need any particular systems?

What support is provided (technical and other)?

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How can a subscription be tailored for me?

What features are generally included in a subscription?

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Which content can I find on the platform?

Who provides the content?

How easy is to navigate the content and find what I’m looking for?

What if I have a question that is not covered or if I need clarification on an existing question?

What format is the content presented in?

How does Afriwise maintain the quality of the content?

Is relevant legislation included as part of the content?

Can I download content?

Can I see previous versions of content if there has been an update?


Which experts can I find on the platform?

How do you ensure your experts remain screened?

How can the platform help me to find the right in-country counsel?

How do you ensure the quality of your experts?

How can I brief an expert?